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Three Sistas and a Great Story

Mane Bar was founded by three sistas, all young at heart with a passion for life, love and fashion. Determined to always be the best that they could be, the three always tried to look how they felt - young, strong full of life and like many women, loving their hair. A bad hair day could almost ruin a great mood. Can you relate? But wait, there’s much more to this story…

The first Sista wanted long hair but every time her short hair reached that in between stage which was difficult to style, off it went and she was back to the same old short style. Boring!

The second Sista always had beautiful dark hair but as time went by she noticed her hair was starting to thin. She was frustrated and wanted her volume back!

The unthinkable happened to the third Sista - she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She stayed strong and amazed everyone with her courage, attitude and fight to beat the beast and she did!! Just like most people who have chemo, she lost her long, beautiful locks and also her eyelashes. Her MANE had always been her identity! She beat the cancer but when she looked at herself in the mirror she saw someone she didn’t recognize. Although she felt great, in fact she felt like she did before the cancer struck, why couldn’t she look the same? She needed her MANE back to feel like herself again and she didn’t want to wait years for it to grow back.

This is where the Sista’s mission began. They wanted to create a place where people with short, thin, or no hair, - and everything in between - could come and get the right solution for the look they wanted. They wanted this place to offer high quality hair and lashes, a variety of solutions, competitive pricing, and the very best level of service. And so The Mane Bar was born!

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We are the Hair Addition Experts

The most luscious lashes, the largest selection of hair extensions and methods, the most unique, custom made, new invisible hair thinning solution. Walk in choose and leave the very best you at the most delicious prices in town!! We have worked to develop the best beauty methods possible. We understand that you have many other choices when it comes to salons, but at Mane Bar, you will only get the best products and services, and because of that, you’ll get the very best look. Don’t wait any longer to look and feel your best. Schedule an appointment with us and get the amazing Mane and lashes you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re looking to enhance the gorgeous you, or you want a whole new look, Mane Bar can help you achieve glam status.