Hair Extensions

Pump up the Volume

Do you love your style, but wish your hair was thicker, fuller or just an inch or two longer? Pump up the volume is for you. We add hair to give you the look you have always wanted. Adding volume with one of our hair addition techniques to match your individual lifestyle

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Hair Extensions

Light Me Up

Have you always wanted to have highlights but didn’t want to deal with the harsh processing and upkeep to your hair? Do your highlights look tired after a while and lose that "just done" look? Now you can add highlights or lowlights to your hair in an instant without the hassle and high cost of processing your own hair, and you get the added bonus of adding some extra volume at the same time. Mane Bar carries a full spectrum of single, duo, and blended colors in many hair addition techniques to get the perfect look you want.

Hair Extensions

Get Your Groove Back

This system is custom made for you and can last for years. If you have lost all or some of your hair due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions, or if your hair is showing signs of thinning, Mane Bar can help you get your groove back. With the unique InvisaBlend system, we add hair in a way that blends perfectly with your own hair. Invisablend allows your hair to grow, your scalp to breathe, and makes it possible for you to maintain your busy, active lifestyle. You can do all the things you used to do without worrying about anyone ever knowing. Even showering, swimming or a windy day won’t upset this new, secure technique. Get your hair looking as good as it used to, and even better!

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Hair Care & Hair Addition

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Hair Extensions

The Mane Attraction

Let Mane bar take your everyday hair to long, luxurious, and beautiful hair in an instant. Have you always wanted to have long hair but could never get past that awkward stage? Are you regretting that last hair cut? Mane attraction is for you!This is a full system using one of our hair addition techniques that takes your short or medium length hair to long, natural, beautiful hair.

Hair Extensions

One Night Stand

Have that special event to go to? Want a fun new look just for the night? Our One Stand will do the trick. They are attached using pressure sensitive clips so they don’t cause damage to your hair. You can change your look at a moment’s notice.